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Open up the gate: Queen Elsa and Anna continue to warm hearts in Sudbury

Just as the gates opened in the Disney movie Frozen, Sudbury's economy reopens since COVID-19 shutdown

"Finally, they're opening up the gates" is a line from the popular Disney franchise Frozen

Just as the royal gates were reopened in the Frozen kingdom of Arendelle, much of Ontario's economy has reopened after the lockdown began in March. 

But the pandemic didn't stop Sudbury singer songwriter Kassie Taylor from delivering joy throughout the city and beyond

Dressed as Frozen's Queen Elsa, or sometimes as Elsa's daring sister Anna, Taylor spent the past five months performing the movie's most popular songs and delivering messages of hope to little ones who struggled with self-isolation.

You may remember the emotional video that went viral back in April of Taylor's driveway performance that cheered up a little girl who was having nightmares about the COVID-19 virus or her window visit with seniors at a retirement residence.

Now that the gates are finally opening, Queen Elsa (a.k.a Taylor) can now be reunited with her sister Anna.

But Taylor couldn't perform both roles at once, so she recently enlisted the help of her theatre friend and singer Trinity Thibeault to play Anna. 

"The whole script is around how we get to be reunited," Taylor told 

"It allows the kids to understand that the gates are opening again and they can reunite with their friends and family finally too."

Together the duo continues to make appearances and perform a couple driveway concerts a week.

Watch the video above to see them surprise birthday girls Natasha Pilon (5) and Allison Pilon (4) in Chelmsford last weekend.

"It's honestly the most rewarding experience," Taylor said. "We just love making the little ones happy."

"I've had some parents ask me what their kids do now that all of their dreams have come true and that really hit me in the heart to know that we are making all these kids' dreams come true."

If you live in Greater Sudbury and would like to book a special social distancing visit with Elsa and Anna outside your home, visit We Bring the Party Sudbury on Facebook.