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Sudbury author releasing book on meditative prayer

Kim Davis Chiarot holding book launch at All Nations Church Dec. 9

Kim Davis Chiarot releases her book “Unlocking the Healing Power of Meditative Prayer: Your Guide to Spiritual Transformation” from 2-4 p.m. Dec. 9 at All Nations Church. 

Enjoy free food, drinks and music during the book launch. 

“In the ebb and flow of life, amidst the storms and tranquility, we as humans have consistently sought solace,” said the book’s description. 

“The echoes of our soul reach out, yearning for a connection that bridges our earthly existence with the spiritual realm. This deep-seated desire has drawn us to the comforting embrace of prayer and the profound realms of meditative prayer. 

“As you cradle this book, realize that within your grasp is not just an assembly of pages, but a transformative key.” 

You can check out the book through Amazon.


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