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Video: Princess Anne students perform 'Mr. Zinger's Hat'

Students attempt to set record for most people reading aloud to celebrate Reading Town Sudbury
To celebrate Reading Town Sudbury, students at Princess Anne Public School read aloud from "Mr. Zinger's Hat" and performed a play for the book's author, Cary Fagan, on May 3.
Students in Sudbury and Prince Edward Island tried to set a record for the most people reading aloud from the same book at the same time in two languages.
In Sudbury alone, there were 20 confirmed schools, two Best Start Hubs, three Senior Centres, two libraries, and one book store (Chapters) partaking in the read aloud event, totalling roughly 1,500 participants.
The National Reading Campaign will be distributing 1,500 English and 1,000 French copies of "Mr. Zinger’s Hat" in Sudbury through Reading Town. 
Reading Town Sudbury started April 30 and runs to May 8.
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