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Video: Tommy and his mommy, Day 3 — the cupcake challenge

Thomas teaches us how to bake Rainbow Sugar Cloud cupcakes
Tommy and his mommy ( new media reporter Heather Green-Oliver) spent the third day of the extended March Break making cupcakes. (Heather Green-Oliver/ new media reporter Heather Green-Oliver is working from home with her five-year-old son Thomas, which is easier said than done.

The two have been keeping busy with various activities and has been livestreaming it all on its Facebook page.

During a recent radio interview with Mel & Chris on 92.7 ROCK about the series, Tommy and his mommy were challenged to a bake-off against radio host Melanie Dahl and her daughter Jayde. 

Today, Thomas took them up on the challenge and showed us how to make Rainbow Sugar Cloud cupcakes.

Who do you think won the cupcake challenge? Watch the video below.

You can join in on all the fun and the discussion by watching Tommy and his mommy live each weekday morning at 10 a.m. on our Facebook page. Click here and Like our page to receive notifications.

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