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12 Days of Kindness: Battling illness, Melanie still has a smile for everyone, so we try to make her smile even bigger

Watch as the New Sudbury Centre helps us surprise Melanie Carriere with an act of kindness

Welcome back to another day of's 12 Days of Kindness supported by @homeEnergy.

There are great people who go out of their way to show kindness no matter how they are feeling or what they may be going through in their own lives. 

No one demonstrates that more than today's recipient.

Melanie Carriere is 29 and has been through thick and thin over the last several years. 

Melanie has Down syndrome and lived with kidney failure for three years before she received a transplant on Boxing Day in 2014.

Unfortunately, just a couple years following the surgery, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and now her new kidneys are failing again.

To make matters worse, doctors recently found spots of cancer on Melanie’s lungs, liver and spleen. 

Despite these medical setbacks, this young woman continues to put others first and brings happiness to everyone she meets. 

Her brother Eric reached out in hopes of surprising Melanie with some fun outings.

Watch as we had the pleasure of meeting Melanie and her family at Nor-Tec Industries where her mom works as a receptionist. 

A huge thank you to the New Sudbury Centre for spoiling Melanie today.


Heather Green-Oliver

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