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Acts of Kindness: Special delivery for a brain tumour survivor

Watch as surprised Sarah Thibault and her family with a delivery from Ashley Homestore North

Life can change in the blink of an eye. 

One day, Sarah Thibault and her partner Jesse were working hard to build their roofing business and the next, Sarah was facing surgery for a rare brain tumour.

Sarah went under the knife, not once, but three times. As if that wasn't enough, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis.

Despite a grim prognosis, she’s overcome paralysis on the right side of her body and recovers mobility daily. Friends and family say it’s her positive attitude and unbreakable spirit that keeps her defying the odds and sharing her experience on Facebook through Sarah’s Journey.

Watch as added a little sunshine to the family's day when we showed up at their new home with a few surprises.

Each month, surprises an amazing person or family with an Act of Kindness in hopes of making a positive difference in our community.

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  • Is experiencing financial hardships despite determined efforts to overcome them
  • Has been diagnosed or living with a debilitating illness and requires assistance

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