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Astronaut Roberta Bondar visiting Science North on Nov. 10

Check out Bondar’s photography exhibition, take part in a Q&A and watch a new IMAX film
Dr. Roberta Bondar.

Visitors to Science North will have the opportunity to attend a talk Nov. 10 by the renowned Canadian astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar, who made history as Canada's first woman astronaut in space. 

Also included in this ticketed event is a viewing of Dr. Bondar’s latest photography exhibition, “Patterns & Parallels: The Great Imperative to Survive" and a screening of the new IMAX documentary, “Deep Sky.”

Bondar’s presentation and Q&A period starts at 10:30 a.m., followed by the documentary and then attendees are free to explore the photography exhibition in the lobby. Tickets are $10 for the public and $5 for Science North members.  

Bondar is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose foundation is dedicated to environmental education. 

The photography exhibition, “Patterns & Parallels: The Great Imperative to Survive,” features ground-breaking new perspectives on at-risk birds. The exhibit will be in Science North’s lobby until Jan. 7, 2024.

Deep Sky brings the awe-inspiring images captured by NASA's Webb Telescope to IMAX® — taking audiences on a journey to the beginning of time and space, to never-before-seen cosmic landscapes, and to recently discovered exoplanets, planets around other stars.


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