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DSI Underground in Sudbury lays off 11 workers

Local branch of a worldwide mining service and supply company has given permanent layoff notice to 11 of its unionized staff and is shutting down the Sudbury operation
Photo capture from the DSI Canada website.

The Mine Mill and Smelter Workers' Union, Unifor Local 598, said 11 members of DSI Underground in Sudbury have been given permanent layoffs as that company shuts down its Sudbury operations. 

DSI Underground Canada Ltd is an international mining supply company that provides goods and services to the mining industry. In Sudbury, the plant provided ground-support supplies such as rock bolts, ground support rebar and resins. 

"This decision has left a profound impact on the workforce, as the majority of affected members have proudly served the company for over 20 years," said a news release from the union, signed by Local 598 president Eric Boulay. 

"Members were informed by the employer at the end of shift on Thursday Feb 1, 2024 that effective immediately, their employment with DSI was terminated," the release continued.

"The affected members, whose commitment and loyalty have been the backbone of DSI Underground, are now facing an unexpected and challenging transition. Unifor is deeply concerned about the toll these layoffs will take on the affected individuals and their families, especially considering the wealth of experience and expertise they brought to the workplace," said Boulay.

"This is a difficult time for our members at DSI Underground and their families. These dedicated workers have been the cornerstone of the company for over two decades, contributing significantly to its success," Boulay added.  

He said the union is committed to continuing support for the members during this difficult time and ensuring that their rights and interests are protected.

Mine Mill 598 acknowledges the impact of economic uncertainties on various industries, but emphasizes the importance of fair treatment and respect for the workers who have dedicated a significant part of their lives to the success of DSI Underground, said the release.

Boulay said Mine Mill Local 598 will work closely with the affected members to provide support, resources, and guidance during this transition. The union will also explore all available avenues to advocate for the rights and well-being of these workers.

"The union is urging DSI Underground to engage in a transparent and open dialogue with Mine Mill 598 to discuss alternatives, mitigations, and potential solutions that prioritize the welfare of the workers affected by these layoffs," said the union release.

Telephone calls to the DSI Canada office in Sudbury could not be completed, but a voice mail message was left, requesting a comment on the layoff situation.


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