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Happy birthday! The Big Nickel turns 58 today

Ted Szilva's vision is still attracting visitors nearly six decades after it opened

The Big Nickel is synonymous with Greater Sudbury and today mark's the roadside attraction's 58th birthday.

Not only is the giant coin a shining example of Sudbury's rich mining history, it has become one of Canada's most iconic landmarks. 

After spending so many years underneath the glow of our Big Nickel, it's easy to forget how this 13,000 kg structure found its home on the hills of Dynamic Earth, but Ted Szilva's monumental creation is not to be overlooked. 

Szilva passed away in 2016 at the age of 81, but his creation still stands as a testament to what a person with a dream can achieve. 

Since being proposed as a way to mark Canada's 100th birthday back in 1963, the Big Nickel has been a leader in Northern Ontario tourism, helping inject tourism dollars into the local economy and global awareness for Sudbury's industry potential. 

The 1951 Canadian nickel replica is about 64,607,747 times the size of a real Canadian nickel at a height of nine meters, and is comprised of 94 per cent steel, 3.5 per cent copper and only two per cent nickel. 

In honour of the 55th birthday of the Big Nickel, Science North bluecoats released a video of themselves singing Happy Birthday to the giant coin. Check it out:

For the 58th anniversary this year, they tweeted out a funny little dance party video. Check it out below.


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