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Poll finds Francophones support stand-alone French university

Coalition for French-Language University heartened by positive responses to Oracle Poll survey staff
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The Coalition nord-ontarienne pour une université de langue française (Northern Ontario Coalition for a French-Language University) are pleased with the results of a recent survey they commissioned showing what they believe is clear support for a standalone French-Language University in Sudbury. 

Representing institutions, individuals, and organizations active in a variety of sectors in Greater Sudbury and Northern Ontario, the Coalition is part of the PlanifSudbury Francophone roundtable.

The telephone survey was completed by Oraclepoll Research Limited in May, speaking to 1000 Francophone residents, 18 years of age or older, living in the provincial ridings of Sudbury, Nickel Belt, Timmins, Nipissing and Timiskaming-Cochrane. 

This study was produced with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage. 

The results showed 82 per cent of the Francophones surveyed said they are in favour of having a standalone French-language University in Sudbury. 

When asked by Oraclepoll in a follow-up to explain the reason for their answer, those in favour most referenced Francophone rights, the right to study in French, preserving the language and culture and youth retention. 

Additionally, eight in ten said they would support the transfer of all French-language programs from Laurentian University to the Université de Sudbury and 80 per cent of respondents felt that “the francophone community in Northeastern Ontario was disproportionately affected by the cuts and elimination of programs at Laurentian.” 

The Coalition said it will share its survey with the provincial and federal governments, as well as its partners. 


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