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Science North: Walk on the moon at refreshed Space Place

Available as of Feb. 3, the Moonwalk allows visitors to experience what it’s like to walk on the Moon
Science North has announced a major update to its Space Place to reflect the world’s renewed interest in visiting the Moon. 

Science North has announced a major update to its Space Place to reflect the world’s renewed interest in visiting the Moon. 

The initiative, supported by the Canadian Space Agency, is part of the 2022 "Exhibits to Engage Canadian Youth in Space Science through Hands-on Experiential Learning" funding call for proposals.

What this means is the fourth level of Science North is getting a facelift to allow visitors to discover Canada's contributions to space exploration. Existing exhibits on Earth observation, space exploration, and celestial structures will be interspersed with the new and refreshed exhibits, Science North said in a news release.

The renewal includes a comprehensive update of the Space Place labs, spotlighting Canada's pivotal role in humanity's return to the Moon through the Artemis Program.

Visitors will gain insights into contributions such as Canadarm3 to the Lunar Gateway Space Station, advancements in AI, and lunar rover technology.

The upgrades will also enhance accessibility by replacing the multi-axis trainer gyroscope with an immersive simulation experience called “The Moonwalk.” Visitors will experience what it’s like to move on the Moon using a weight-offset harness and gantry to simulate the 1/6th of Earth’s gravity that exists on the moon. The Moonwalk will be available to visitors as of Feb. 3.

Prior to the the gyroscope being retired,’s Mark Gentili and Heidi Ulrichsen paid a visit to try it out one last time. You can watch that video below.

“As science continually changes and evolves, so do Science North’s exhibits and visitor experiences,” said Science North CEO Ashley Larose, in a press release.

“This renewal further reinforces the significance of showcasing new and modern innovations in space science engagement and hands-on learning for Canadians. We sincerely thank the Canadian Space Agency for their support and cannot wait for visitors to experience a new Space Place that encourages them to reach for the stars!”

Science North said with the updated Space Place, it aims “to inspire the next generation of Canadians to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) that drive discovery and technological advancements.” 


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