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Sudbury granny at the Grammys steals Harry Styles’ heart

Reina Halvorsen from Sudbury made her mark at the Grammy awards, getting to announce Harry Styles win for Album of the Year, and to get a hug as well
Pop star Harry Styles hugs Sudbury's Reina Halvorsen after the 78-year-old grandmother announced his win for Album of the Year at the 2023 Grammys. Halvorsen was part of a group of superfans invited by the Grammys to take part in a round table on the Album of the Year nominees during the Feb. 5 event.

Those who watched the Trevor Noah-hosted Grammy Awards on Feb. 4 may have been surprised to see a Sudburian crying and clapping for her favourite, and favourite of the night, Harry Styles.

Formerly of One Direction, the 29-year-old British singer won Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Solo Performance and the coveted Album of the Year, beating an impressive field of 10 that included ABBA’s Voyage, Adele’s 30, Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti and Beyoncé’s Renaissance.

But the album of the year Grammy was the moment Sudbury grandmother Reina (her last name didn't appear on the show, but she is Reina Halvorsen of Sudbury) had been waiting for. 

As part of the Grammys ceremony at the Arena on Sunday night, fans of each of the nominees for Album of the Year sat around a table to talk about their favourite artists.

If that came as a surprise to too see the Sudburian on the year’s biggest night of music, it was even more surprising when host Trevor Noah gave the “Great Grandmother” to announce Styles’ name as the winner. 

Well, it came out more like a scream. 

The artist beeliined for Reina when he took the stage, hugging her jumping up and down to celebrate the win as she beams. Reina won the hearts of many Grammy fans, with people calling it the highlight of the entire event and bestowing a new nickname on the Northerner, 'Queen Reina'.

In a pre-recorded video, Reina's granddaughter says the 78-year old is Styles' "No. 1 fan," and they flew to Los Angeles together to see him in concert, both dressed in colourful boas and sunglasses.

"Aside from being good looking .... I love everything about him," Reina said. "I love his outlook, his songs and with Harry he has that thing that draws people to him."

"If the Grammys did their job, he's getting that award,” she said. She later spoke to the hosts of the Roz and Mocha show on Kiss 92.5 and said she couldn't find the words to express how it felt. 

"My heart is so full, I probably won’t even sleep for the next three nights," she said. "I always knew that he would win, in my heart, and I want to tell him what a great person he is, what a great songwriter he is, and that he deserves every accolade he gets. He’ll be here for a long time, and I think my great-grandkids will still be listening to him."

Good job, Grammys and Grannies! would love to speak with Reina about her win. If you know how we can contact her to share her story with our readers, please email us at [email protected].


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