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Sudbury medtech firm takes its device to the cloud

Sudbury's iRegained has signed a deal with BioT to bring its services online, giving physicians the power to monitor their patients' progress remotely
IRegained has partnered with BioT to connect its MyHand system to the cloud. The device helps people who have had strokes regain hand function.

Sudbury-based iRegained is moving to the cloud.

The company, whose technology helps stroke patients recover hand function, has signed a deal to use technology developed by BioT, which would enable physicians to monitor their patients’ progress remotely.

IRegained CEO Vineet Johnson said rather than develop its own secure cloud platform, his company opted for BioT's existing technology, which meets global requirements for keeping patient information secure online.

“We chose to focus our efforts on developing our core IP (intellectual property) and mechatronic device and partnered with BioT, as they demonstrated to us a valid and mature platform for building connected care solutions around devices such as ours,” Johnson said in a news release.

“Their experience and the know-how in the field of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) was unparalleled. More importantly, BioT has a very customer friendly team to work with, and it helps serve our mission to help stroke survivors reclaim their independence.”

IRegained's MyHand device prompts stroke patients to complete various physical exercises that are designed to help them regain hand function after a stroke.

Using the BioT technology, physicians will be able to monitor progress and adjust treatment accordingly through a secure online portal.

IRegained said the MyHand system would be available soon in several regions including North America, Taiwan and India.


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