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Thornloe cheese stars at Tuesday night Cinéfest gala

Head to Collège Boréal after 'Denial' screening for some cheesy deliciousness
Thornloe Cheese is holding cheese tastings during the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival pre-screening event as well as the gala at Collège Boréal Tuesday evening. Supplied photo.

If you're a fan of both cinema and cheese, you'll definitely want to read on.

That's because Thornloe Cheese is holding a cheese tasting at the gala following the Tuesday evening screening of “Denial” at Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival. 

Don't deny yourself the deliciousness of this true Northern Ontario dairy product.

The gala takes place at the Au pied du rocher restaurant at Collège Boréal.

Thornloe Cheese has been around since 1942, and is still headquartered in Thornloe, Ont., where it was founded.

Pam Hamel, the brand ambassador for Thornloe Cheese, said she'll have 300 wooden cones of cheese curds (with a side of Ontario pickles) at the gala.

She'll also be set up at the smaller pre-screening event Tuesday night, where she'll be showcasing Thornloe's artisinal cheeses, paired with Northern Ontario products.

“A lot of people know about the cheese, and they're most familiar with the traditional style cheese we have, which are marbles and cheddar,” Hamel said. “So we're hoping to showcase what the other offerings we have.”


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