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Woman suffers injuries after boating collision on Fairbank Lake

Police said crash occurred on the water between a kayak and a motorised vessel

Greater Sudbury Police Service has reported a boating crash on Fairbank Lake Friday afternoon has resulted in serious injuries for a 56-year-old woman.
Police said this follows an emergency call around 5 p.m. Friday. Police, Greater Sudbury Fire Service and Paramedic Services responded to the call.
Police said the woman was located on shore, "having suffered head trauma". Police said a collision had occurred between a kayak and a motorised vessel.
Paramedics transported the woman to Health Sciences North "where she is currently receiving treatment for critical injuries".
Police said alcohol or drugs are not a factor in this event.
At the moment, said police, no charges have been laid and an investigation is underway.

No information was provided as to who was in the kayak and who was in the motorised vessel, or indeed if any other persons were involved in any way. 

No information was provided as to whether the collision that police described took place along the shoreline or out in the body of the lake. 

No information was provided as to where the woman was from, whether she was a tourist or whether she is local.