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Video: I tortured my coworkers (for fun!) by making them try Korean spicy ramen

Luckily, I had bottles of Milkis to help them wash away the burn

Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of Staff Tries. In this video, I have my coworkers try Korean spicy ramen and a fizzy milk pop called ‘Milkis’

In my last video of Staff Tries, I had some of my coworkers try a mix of Korean snacks that they have never tried before. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fit all of the snack reactions into one video. So, I saved a couple of the items for another video that I would film later — and the time has finally come.

I have been sitting on this pack of spicy ramen noodles (or 'buldak-bokkeum-myeon' in Korean) for quite some time now, waiting to see when I can finally see my coworkers sweat and cry (insert evil laughter). Now, I am excited to finally announce that the video is here. 

I hope you guys find this footage as entertaining as I do. 

I would also like to put up a disclaimer here that this ramen is not for everyone! So please try it with caution — and maybe have a glass of milk nearby (or a glass of fizzy milk pop). If you can handle spice like a champ, I would give this ramen a go for sure. 

Personally for me, I’ve been trained at a young age to eat extremely spicy food by my mother who is a spicy food enthusiast. So, this ramen is pretty tolerable to me. But I’m curious how I would handle some extreme spice, like ghost peppers or Carolina reapers. 

If you’ve tried any of these Korean snacks, drinks or food items, leave a comment below on how you liked (or disliked!) them. And Let us know what we should try next here at 


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