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We must all work to find ALC fix - Dr. Peter Zalan

The Ontario Hospital Association’s trending data as of September 2010 shows there has been no overall improvement in ALC rates for Ontario hospitals over the past three years, despite significant efforts from the government, LHINs, hospitals, CCACs a

Exploding health care costs force tough decisions - Dr. Peter Zalan

How do we meet the ALC needs of our rapidly growing elderly population – in other words, our parents, our loved ones, friends and neighbours? How do we meet the expectations of the community — for timely care in the emergency department, short wait t

Examining the community’s response to ALC - Dr. Peter Zalan

What was the local response to the growing ALC crisis? In October 2008, nine physicians volunteered to form a task force to advocate on behalf of our patients.

Hospital ‘in crisis’ because of ALC patients - Dr. Peter Zalan

What are the effects of ALC patients on the hospital system? Let me explain. In 2004, the Sudbury Regional Hospital had 49 ALC patients. It has been going up ever since.

Exploring the life of a typical ALC patient - Dr. Peter Zalan

So, what exactly is an alternate level of care (ALC) patient? John is 82 years old. He lives alone in his home. His son lives in southern Ontario. Most of his friends have died. His eyesight is failing, and he can no longer drive.

Our local experience dealing with H1N1 - Dr. Peter Zalan

According to statistics compiled late last month, the Sudbury Regional Hospital had 17 confirmed or suspected H1N1 patients in isolation. Six of these patients are being treated in our Intensive Care Units (ICU).