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Video: Winter's Best place to go ice fishing in Sudbury goes to...

Readers refused to drop us a line so we made the best of it by searching for Lake Nunya

This winter, asked readers to tell us what they think are the best things to eat and do in Greater Sudbury. After tallying up your votes, we visited the best sliding hill, best skating path, best cross-country ski trail and enjoyed the best comfort food and a warm mug of Nickel City's best hot chocolate.

When asked to give up the location of the best place to go ice fishing, our readers refused to drop us a line we could bite. So we made the best of it by asking around and eventually, we found ourselves at none other than...Lake Nunya. Check out the video above!

We will never reveal the true location because everyone knows; the first rule of Pike Club is you do not talk about Pike Club.

But feel free to guess which lake we visited by leaving a comment below.

That wraps up this year's Winter's Best series, we've had a lot of fun exploring all the best our city has to offer and we hope you did too.

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