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Local News

More static: Rogers cuts talent at Q, Easy Rock

By Rick Pusiak There have been yet more layoffs on the local radio scene. Three people, all from on-air programming, were let go at the Rogers Communications building, formerly Telemedia at 880 Lasalle Blvd.

St. Clement Church to stay open little longer

By Rick Pusiak One of Sudbury?s oldest Roman Catholic churches has received a one-month reprieve. Instead of closing at the end of August, St. Clement will celebrate its last mass Sept. 29.

Radio rivalries wind down

BY RICK PUSIAK The radio war is over in Sudbury and it ended with a whimper, not a bang. The rivalry ceased without any publicity a few months ago when the last Spring ratings book involving private radio stations in Sudbury was published.

Namex boosts holdings

Namex has substantially increased its holdings in the world?s most active nickel and PGE mining camp, near Sudbury. It has acquired three additional properties located in Parkin and Hutton townships.

Father of murdered teen talks to students about grieving

BY DIANE GILHULA Burying friends and loved ones is difficult at anytime. It is particularly difficult for those grieving the loss of a young life. Dale Lang Dale Lang shared his experiences with teens in Val Caron last week.

Bear cubs being studied in the bush

By Rick Pusiak For decades now wildlife groups have rescued and raised orphaned bear cubs and later released them back into the wilderness.

College staff applauded

College Boreal has announced three members of its staff have received 2002 Awards of Excellence.

School bus information

Parents should have received letters by now about school bus transportation if their children qualify. If they have not received information, or have changed their address, they should contact the transportation consortium office at 521-1234.

Kormos supports wage hike

Ontario should be keeping up with its neighbour, at least when it comes to minimum wage, according to NDP labour critic Peter Kormos. bottom Peter Kormos ?We have a great deal of catching up to do.? Kormos said.

Boreal has new programs

College Boreal has launched a special program available this coming school year in its pre-health sciences program.