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Dangerous offender in Sudbury facing new child pornography charges

Michael Tomasik was declared a dangerous offender in 2017, facing seven new charges related to child sexual abuse material and his alleged efforts to arrange an opportunity to abuse a child
Michael Tomasik of Greater Sudbury, who was declared a dangerous offender in 2017, was arrested and charged Jan. 18 with new charges related to child sexual abuse.

A 43-year-old Sudbury man has been charged with multiple counts related to child sexual abuse material and his alleged efforts to arrange an opportunity to abuse a child.

On Jan. 18, the Greater Sudbury Police Internet Child Exploitation and Computer Forensic Units, along with the Emergency Response Unit, executed a search warrant at a residence in Greater Sudbury.

As a result, a 43-year-old Sudbury resident is charged with the following offences: 

  • Agreement or Arrangement-Sexual Offence Against Child Under 14
  • Make Child Pornography - Written
  • Access - Child Pornography
  • Possession - Child Pornography
  • Make Available - Child Pornography
  • Two counts, Breach of Long-term Supervision Order

Charged is Michael Tomasik who was using the online alias of “John Wick.”

Police are concerned Tomasik may have used the alias to commit other offences against children. He appeared in bail court on Jan. 22. has learned Tomasik was remanded into custody. 

Tomasik is no stranger to the justice system. He has an extensive criminal history involving crimes against children and was declared a dangerous offender in 2017. He is currently the subject of a Long-term Supervision Order, as well.

His most recent conviction came in 2016 when he was found guilty of trying to convince a prostitute to abduct a child that he could sexually assault. Instead, the prostitute strung him along until she had enough evidence from his text messages to alert police. 

At the time, Tomasik was also found guilty of child pornography charges and was declared a dangerous offender a year later.

Prior to that, in 2008, he was convicted of child luring and child pornography charges after he engaged in online conversations with a London, Ont., police officer who was posing as a 12-year-old girl.

“The accused proceeded to engage in sexual conversations with the officer, sending explicit pictures of himself, images of child pornography, and engaging in sexual conversations,” said the story from 2008.

He was released into the community in July 2019 after he served his time.

At the time of Tomasik’s 2019 release, GSPS issued a warning to the community, saying he has served his sentence for “various offences pertaining to children and use of the internet.

“The Greater Sudbury Police Service is working in partnership with the local parole office to ensure the successful reintegration of an offender into the community,” GSPS said at the time.

Tomasik was to remain under the supervision of the local federal parole office and police. He was subject to conditions that prevented his access to young people and certain public places. His day-to-day activities were to be monitored and he must reside at a designated location having limited access to the community at large, the release said.

Police advised the public that if they spotted Tomasik in certain places, police should be contacted.

“This would include seeing Michael Tomasik in the immediate company of young people or near any schools, parks, playgrounds, community centres, pools or daycare facilities,” the release said. “GSPS assures the community that public safety is priority in this case. Our members, in cooperation with our partners at the local parole office, are taking the necessary steps to facilitate his reintegration.”

A publication ban has been issued with regards to this case, GSPS said. Anyone with information related to this individual or investigation is asked to contact police at 705-675-9171

Tomasik will next appear in court on Feb. 2.