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12 Days of Kindness: He spent his first year in and out of hospital, we give his parents a much-needed break

BESTECH, Molly Maid, Science North join together to deliver an act of kindness for a family with two very busy little boys

Welcome back to another day of’s 12 Days of Kindness supported by @homeEnergy.

In 2018, Ryan Proulx and Julie Gratto had to put their lives on hold because their youngest son Henry spent his first year of life undergoing chemotherapy due to a tumour on his optical nerve. 

The family spent a lot of time travelling to SickKids Hospital in Toronto where Henry received his treatments. 

There were many complications along the way which hospitalized Henry many times. Last December, Henry became septic and was hospitalized on Christmas Day.

But little Henry pulled through. He finished his chemotherapy treatments this past summer. 

Now a healthy and very active two-year-old, Henry and his big brother Austin are keeping Ryan and Julie on their toes. 

Today, we are bringing some special guests to meet the Proulx family in hopes of making up for lost family time and giving this busy family a little break at home.

Thank you to Science North for giving the family a gift they can use all year round. 

And a very special thank you to BESTECH and Molly Maid for coming together to provide the family with a year's worth of house cleaning services so they can enjoy more time together.  

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