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Fatal buggy crash nets stack of charges for driver, trucking company

Tractor-trailer was involved in a collision with a horse and buggy along Highway 17 at Huron Shores in December. The buggy driver died of his injuries.

Ontario Provincial Police said numerous charges have been filed against an Orillia truck driver as the result of a crash involving a heavy transport and a horse and buggy on Highway 17 at Huron Shores, a small municipality in the Algoma District that includes Iron Bridge. 

OPP said the crash occurred on December 4. The tractor-trailer and the horse and buggy were both traveling eastbound along the highway when the collision occurred. 

Police said the 29-year-old buggy operator suffered extensive injuries, and was transported to hospital by Algoma Paramedic Services, but later died.

As the result of a lengthy investigation, police said the 56-year-old man had numerous charges filed against him, which included the following:

-Driving while under suspension;

-Careless driving;

-Fail to maintain daily log (15 counts);

-Fail to accurately complete daily inspection report;

-Drive commercial motor vehicle with a major defect in it or drawn vehicle;

-Improperly drive commercial motor vehicle with a minor defect in it or in drawn vehicle;

-Overweight dual-axle…kg. Class A Highway;

-Overweight four-axle group…kg. Class A Highway - liftable axle deployed improperly;

-Operate unsafe vehicle -commercial motor vehicle;

-Operate commercial motor vehicle with load not secured as prescribed;

-Improper muffler-motor vehicle;

-No clear view to front;

-Drive after 16 hours since break without 8 hours off;

-Enter inaccurate information in record (two counts);

-Drive after 14 hours on duty without 8 hours off;

-Push rod stroke exceeds prescribed limit - commercial motor vehicle; and

-Wheel brake operating improperly - commercial motor vehicle.

In addition, police said charges have been against Hunt Trucking Ltd., of Mulmur, Ontario, which includes:

-Permit person to drive commercial motor vehicle not in accordance with the regulations (fifteen counts);

-Fail to monitor driver's compliance (16 counts);

-Request, require or allow non-compliance (four counts);

-Permit operation of commercial motor vehicle with load not secured as prescribed.

Both the driver and Hunt Trucking are scheduled to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Sault Ste Marie on April 3, 2024.