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Tonight’s meeting will be one for the books

By all accounts, tonight’s meeting of Greater Sudbury city council will be standing room only.

Marin or otherwise: Time to start recording closed meetings

With two weeks to go before Ontario Ombudsman André Marin makes his fence-mending Dec. 11 visit, Greater Sudbury city councillors are debating whether to part ways with the brash municipal watchdog.

Get back to business of governing

If the city is going to be able to take full advantage of the current healthy economic times it finds itself in, Greater Sudbury’s elected officials are going to have to set aside their personal differences and get down to the business of governing.

Clash of personalities overshadows ombudsman’s findings - Editorial

There was far too much sabre-rattling and trench-digging on both sides of the table when Ontario Ombudsman André Marin sent three investigators to look into the legality of four closed door meetings of Greater Sudbury city council.

Top auditor’s detective work a boon for taxpayers - Editoral

Last week was a big one for Greater Sudbury Auditor General Brian Bigger.

Greater Sudbury Housing policies need updating - Editorial

David Lavigne’s story, tragically, is probably not unique. Northern Life brought you the sad history of Lavigne’s battle against cancer, and his battle against homelessness, in our July 19 edition.

More oversight of ward funds long overdue - Editorial

After months of controversy over the individual funds Greater Sudbury city councillors can spend in their wards, the new policy concerning the so-called “Health Community Initiative” funds, introduced by council last week, promises a bit more oversig

Protecting unused Wolf Lake lease makes little sense - Editorial

Some things are worth protecting. And the ancient red pine forest that is the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve is one of them.

Renewal of city auditor’s contract is the right move - Editorial

Accountability. Transparency. Efficiency. These are the principles by which governments, municipal or otherwise, must operate.

Clean AER by the numbers - editorial

To say that Vale’s Clean AER (for “Atmospheric Emissions Reduction”) project will provide a healthy boost to Greater Sudbury’s economy is an understatement.