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Should we be concerned?

Murder makes people concerned. When there seems to be no rhyme or reason for a person’s untimely death, murder makes people fearful. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Sheri-Lynn McEwan, who died tragically and too soon Oct. 7.

Northern Life celebrates its 40th year in business

This week, we mark 40 years of publishing newspapers and magazines in Sudbury. We are older and marginally wiser than we were when we started.

Does Canada have a rail safety problem?

A train derails and sends five cars — and a bridge — splashing into the Wanapitei River. Another catches fire, rolls into a small Quebec town and explodes, taking much of the community’s downtown core with it.

The public simply wants answers

Sudbury taxpayers are short some $500,000 and they want to know — in fact, have every right to know — why.

End of the rainbow for Elm crosswalk

There is only one, viable option for the Elm Street crosswalk between the downtown bus depot and the Rainbow Centre mall: get rid of it. Northern Life was surprised at the public outcry to the story we ran two weeks ago on the pedestrian crossing .

‘The best man we ever saw’

When I was in Grade 2, I brought a Stompin’ Tom Connors album to school for show and tell.

Tip line hits a road block

The North East Dementia Network really was trying to help when it teamed up with law enforcement to create a tip line specifically to report senior drivers.

Sudbury has lost a powerful ally - editorial

Whatever anyone might think about Rick Bartolucci and his politics, Sudbury reaped the rewards of having him in Queen’s Park. As the city’s man in Toronto, he had almost unparalleled success at driving home an agenda that greatly benefited Sudbury.

Hospital’s tough stance on flu shots is justified - editorial

Health Sciences North’s decision to force hospital workers to be vaccinated against influenza is the right move.

Lougheed Sr. quietly lived to serve

Greater Sudbury is a little less great today than it was before the evening of Dec. 16. This city has lost one of its best citizens.