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Letters to the Editor

Re: No mercy for man waiting for surgery, Feb. 19

I read with interest about the mentally disabled Elliot Lake man who has to wait several months for an operation to correct his stomach condition. Apparently he suffers severe and painful dry heaves.

With regard to PET scans, we're behind world

BY DR. DAVID WEBSTER Double shame on you Rick Bartolucci! Ontario is the last medical jurisdiction in the world to accept the overwhelming benefit of PET for patients like Sam Bruno. (Letter to the Editor, Sunday, Dec.

Thanks Viki - Leonard Anderson

I would like to thank Viki Mather for her wonderful articles. She is a breath of fresh air that should make all Canadians proud. Keep up the good work. I miss being in Sudbury every time I read her articles. Leonard Anderson Sagamore Hills, Ohio

Student upset by LU controversy - Chantal Abdel-Nour

I am a student at Laurentian University enrolled as an undergraduate in the behavioural neuroscience program.

Does 'My Sudbury' include me? - CHRISTOPHER DUHAIME

As a 22-year-old college student training for a career in the trades, I am looking ahead to the future.

Gun registration not working - J.M. Belfry

I am sleeping better knowing Paul Martin has promised to ban handguns. I know every criminal in Canada is quaking in their boots just waiting to turn in their unregistered handguns because the prime minister has finally laid down the law.

Call the army! - Janet Strum

I've been a life-long resident of Garson. On the Feb. 2 TV evening news, the only mention of snowbank removal in Garson was Ravina Gardens.

Questions about health care - Gwen Doyle

Last February, the doctors at the Lively Medical Centre submitted a made-in-Walden community-oriented Family Health Team Proposal to the Ministry of Health. It was rejected.

Setting record straight - Nicholas Czaikowsky

In response to your article of Sudburians in love with Cuba in the Jan. 27 edition, I would like to correct the requirements of exporting from Cuba. I have gone to Cuba monthly for 10 years.

Writer insulted seniors - Ron MacDonald

Congratulations to letter writer Paul Sauve. He has managed to insult seniors with discriminatory remarks that seniors should be left to knitting and cane making.