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Letters to the Editor

Theatre group says thanks - Carole Hawes

The Valley Community Theatre wishes to apologize to the audience for the delays due to the fire alarms during our recent presentation of VIVA Las Vegas. We very much appreciated their support and patience until things finally got under way.

Open letter to Stephen Harper - Ronald Lewis

I know that you have been very busy since I wrote you Feb. 7 on the matter of David Emerson's defection to the Conservative Party, so I was not expecting a reply. However, there has been sufficient time for Emerson to submit his resignation.

From the heart - Velia Serafini

It was with great interest I read Bill Bradley's article in the April 16 issue of Northern Life. He purchased my father's home, and it was a real surprise to see a photo of it when I turned the pages of the newspaper.

Too much trash - J. Towns

Ah, spring is in the air, birds are everywhere and .....garbage is everywhere.Wasn't it great how all that snow hid everything.

Trashy behavior - G. Rouleau

Humankind's most underused and misunderstood invention is the garbage can. Smokers, coffee and pop drinkers evade them like the plague. Instead we can see many volunteers at work in our city.

Response from Ottawa - Tony Clement

With regards to the story, Energuide program axed by feds, I am writing in response to Nickel Belt MP Ray Bonin's comments regarding the future of FedNor in Northern Ontario.

South-Ender concerned - Nadine Bradley

I would like to inform the citizens Sudbury about the proposed residential development in Lo-Ellen Park and the transfer, sale and/or exchange of 4.6 acres of designated parkland.

Thanks neighbours - Al Lockhart

Last Saturday I went to Whitson Lake to test out a boat. Following my ride, I was in the process of loading the boat back on to the trailer. I unwisely stood on the trailer and slipped.

Day to Mourn fallen workers - Rick Bartolucci

April 28 is recognized as a Day of Mourning to pay tribute to those who have died, suffered injury, or experienced illness as a result of their jobs.

Treasurer clarifes tax reduction - Lorella Hayes

I would like to thank associate editor Tracey Duguay for her positive coverage March 31 regarding council's decision to allocate additional provincial transfer payments to a tax reduction and to future road construction projects.