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Letters to the Editor

Snow removal woes - Lesley Pebblz

I woke up Feb. 2 to find a massive snow pile at the end of my driveway. It was left there by city workers cleaning the almost bare streets. This pile was higher than my car and almost covered the whole end of my driveway.

Thumbs up - P.B. Glass

Reading the story, Mayor comes out swinging was great. For the mayor to finally come out from behind closed doors of his office is nice to see after two long years.

MPP defends changes to OMERS - Brad Duguid

More than 360,000 Ontarians are part of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS). They pay into this plan and rely on it for their future livelihood.

Thumbs down for Reynolds - Normand Gauthier

I guess election fever is so thick in the air that Councillor Lynne Reynolds got confused. I guess she can be forgiven, what with her deep ties to the federal Liberal party. She used to work for Dianne Marleau.

Helping to feed hungry - Bob Bale

I would like to thank Northern Life for the great coverage of the Fifth Annual Out Of The Cold Concert which featured Tanglefoot. The three concert fall series and the annual show raised $7,863.36 for the hot meal program.

Thumbs Up - Caroline McIntosh

Ray and Donna Boyer of Thumbs Up Marketing deserve two thumbs up for their Fall Lifestyle Home Show at the Exhibition Centre, Oct. 14-16.

Theatre group says thanks - Carole Hawes

The Valley Community Theatre wishes to apologize to the audience for the delays due to the fire alarms during our recent presentation of VIVA Las Vegas. We very much appreciated their support and patience until things finally got under way.

Open letter to Stephen Harper - Ronald Lewis

I know that you have been very busy since I wrote you Feb. 7 on the matter of David Emerson's defection to the Conservative Party, so I was not expecting a reply. However, there has been sufficient time for Emerson to submit his resignation.

From the heart - Velia Serafini

It was with great interest I read Bill Bradley's article in the April 16 issue of Northern Life. He purchased my father's home, and it was a real surprise to see a photo of it when I turned the pages of the newspaper.

Too much trash - J. Towns

Ah, spring is in the air, birds are everywhere and .....garbage is everywhere.Wasn't it great how all that snow hid everything.