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Letters to the Editor

Day to Mourn fallen workers - Rick Bartolucci

April 28 is recognized as a Day of Mourning to pay tribute to those who have died, suffered injury, or experienced illness as a result of their jobs.

Treasurer clarifes tax reduction - Lorella Hayes

I would like to thank associate editor Tracey Duguay for her positive coverage March 31 regarding council's decision to allocate additional provincial transfer payments to a tax reduction and to future road construction projects.

Crossing guards deserve better - Eleanor Connors

It is interesting to note the city's director of human resources (Sunday, April 2 edition) feels justified in announcing "workers at the lower end" should have prepared for the job evaluation wage reduction two years ago.

Minister Prentice thanks Sudbury - Jim Prentice

In April, as First Nations communities on the shores of James Bay were evacuated due to spring flooding, the people of several Northern Ontario cities opened their doors and their hearts to the men, women and children of Fort Albany and Kashechewan.

Writing's on the wall - Fern Cormier

I read with interest the enthusiasm that Councillor Fran Caldarelli has for eliminating graffiti in Ward 10. What surprised me though was that she admitted to only becoming aware of the problem within the past few weeks.

Looking for friend - Jackie Robinson

I am trying to contact an old school friend, Patricia Pierce. We went to Westlain Grammar School in Brighton, England from 1957 to 1962. I moved to Canada in 1967.

Nice work - Perry Guilbault

The Federal Treasury Board feels MPPs deserve a pay increase. To my surprise, the premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, actually made less than our top five city employees. I guess running the city of Sudbury must be harder than running the province.

Progress? - Angela Xia

The greenspace at the end of Roxborough Drive may be lost to development in a few weeks. This place should not be lost. This area of nature improves the quality of life for all of us in the neighbourhood.

Convention centre has possibilities - William E. McLeod

I am writing about the proposal to build a new convention facility in Sudbury. On the face of it, this is quite a good idea.  The powers behind the concept seem to understand the need for diversity in our economy.

Readers respond to poll

Last week's online poll question about social assistance received lots of comments from readers.