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Letters to the Editor

Senior won't beg - M. Reiss

After being told I needed knee surgery very soon, my doctor sent me to Toronto to see a specialist rather than have me wait two to three years to have it done in Sudbury. I figured I would get a travel grant. Wrong! I received excuses.

Citizens should be encouraged to participate - Ron MacDonald

In his recent letter to the media, Ward 1 Councillor Terry Kett states Municipal Watch "Wimped Out," (regarding ward boundaries). He added, "council are elected to consult and make decisions to please as many people as possible.

Wolf stole beloved pet - Yvette Tessier

So you think your yard is safe? Think again. We had no idea we would lose our beloved pet Saturday morning Oct. 1. At 3 am we let our small seven-pound terrier out in our well-lit front yard.

Stealing pumpkins 'cheap' trick - Helen Mackin

My 82 -year -old mother has lived quietly and happily in the Pinecrest Subdivison for more than 30 years. She planted a garden this summer even though she moves much slower than before.

Frightlites help CF patients - Sylvie Quesnel

My son, Joel Quesnel, is a hero. Every day, he battles a deadly disease called cystic fibrosis (CF). One in 25 Canadians carries a defective version of the gene responsible for CF.

Futures on hold - Brigitte Labby

I agree with Thomas Duncan's comments in the Oct. 14 issue regarding his difficulties finding employment. I was born here, moved out west with my parents and brother in 1980. My father worked in the gas refinery industry in Alberta.

'Bullies' need help - Sue Tompkins

What has not yet been written about the issue of bullies concerns teachers and school administrators who bully children.

No justice for Hep C victims - Susan White

In the article MPs grilled over Hep C by Heidi Ulrichsen in the Oct.

Gatchell needs to get back on civic election map - Joe Cimino

With the movement back to a 12-ward system, city staff have the daunting task of re-evaluating the polling station locations for the 2006 municipal election. A report to city council in this regard is expected by the end of this month.

Youth recreation lacking in Garson - David B Carroll

In response to the letter about Garson youths having no place to enjoy themselves, I was a child born and raised in this area.