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Letters to the Editor

The season of giving - The season of giving

It's here again! Christmas! Whatever you do from here on out don't make too many more appointments. Wind down what is on your plate. Check out a Christmas concert or play.

Good money after bad? - Joe Cimino

Once again this community is grappling with a "scandal" involving our hard-earned tax dollars being unaccounted for. Neureka was touted as the antecedent to a larger self-sufficient local biotechnology industry.

Canadians have duty to vote - J.M. Belfry

I find the news poll question regarding a Christmas season campaign interesting.

Lessons not learned - Gerry McIntaggart

One month ago, the earthquake killed them in a flash; today, our neglect of the First Nation's people could do the same... This impending tragedy can and must be stopped. Gerry McIntaggart , Federal NDP V.P. and Candidate

Poetic tribute to Remembrance Day - Julia Eckert-MacLean

You heard the armies marching in the darkness of the night, You faced the red-hot cannons in the valiant freedom fight, You saw the death bombs dropping in the dusk before the dawn, And your stalwart fight for freedom went ever bravely on...

On haves and have-nots - Jim Young

According to The Financial Post, about 60 percent of Sudbury's population earns less than $10 an hour in service or retail jobs.

Reader loves Café Korea - Fran Nault

Hey, all you single people out there, are you looking at doing something different and fun on a date which includes dinner? Are you stuck in a rut and always go to the same restaurant time after time? Married ladies, is it time to get your husband to

The boy who would be king - Julie St.Marseille

I just wanted to share a conversation I had with my five- year old son. We were discussing how powerful the ideas in his head are. They were continually getting him in trouble at home and sometimes at school.

Teenager did the right thing - Audrey Dugas

You may recall a story in Northern Life about a year and a half ago about my 12-year-old who had delivered papers for over a year, saved his money to buy a $500 mountain bike, and had it stolen from our garage only a few months later.

Photo caption incorrect - Evan Bate

As a member of the staff at Laurentian University's writing assistance centre, I would like to express my thanks for the Sept. 30 article written by Heidi Ulrichsen, headlined, Johnny and Janey can't read.