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Latchford municipality agrees to run Greenwood Provincial Park

The Ontario government and the Town of Latchford reached an agreement on the operation of W.J.B Greenwood Park on July 14, said a news release. Latchford will develop and operate the park according to Ontario Parks standards.

Short bout of freedom for Trodd

They were right, they being all the police officers, family of Sgt. Rick MacDonald and citizens of Sudbury who somehow knew Jeremy Trodd would reoffend.

TD talks resume

BY GIANNI UBRIACO With a recent request from the conciliator to return to 'exploratory' talks, Friday may call for more than a family fun day.

Council downsizes public meetings on budget

BY TRACEY DUGUAY City council won’t be hosting ward-specific public input sessions leading up to 2008 budget deliberations as it has done in the past.

Lily Creek OMB hearing postponed

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing regarding the proposed medical/office building on Centennial Dr., slated for Monday (July 16) at Tom Davies Square, has been postponed.

Top model contestant returns to Sudbury

Cori MacKinnon is back in Sudbury today and plans to continue her studies in pre-health sciences at Cambrian College. “It's going to be different, I'm sure people will recognize me a lot in the halls,” said MacKinnon.

Thumbs up for Azilda training centre

TRACEY DUGUAY An intoxicated stranger with a passion for preserving the city’s watersheds broke the sobriety of a planning committee meeting Wednesday morning as councillors were hearing arguments regarding a proposed training facility on Marier St.

Taxpayers ‘invest' $474,800 in the arts

Sudbury Council passed a bylaw authorizing the distribution of $474,800 in grant money towards city-based arts and culture organizations, groups and events for 2007.
Capreol’s COP volunteer program successful

Capreol’s COP volunteer program successful

BY MATTHEW GILLIES Beginning as a pilot project in Capreol and Nickel Centre in 2005, the Citizens on Patrol program has proven to be successful in making these communities safer to live.

Greater Sudbury City Council commits $750,000 per year to enhance transit

During yesterday's city council meeting, $750,000 per year for the next three years was set aside to enhance transit services throughout the city.