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Self-cutting symptom of emotional problems

BY MATTHEW GILLIES It’s a clandestine phenomenon. Children and adolescents find solace in it, and go at great lengths to keep it hidden to prevent interference from what could become an addiction.

Hikers get lost following local trail

BY WENDY BIRD What started off as a pleasant hike on Canada Day at the A.Y. Jackson Lookout at Onaping Falls turned out to be an unsettling experience for two sisters.

Smile: NDP introduces plan to help people who can’t afford dental care

BY GIANNI UBRIACO The provincial New Democrat Party hopes to put a healthy smile on the faces of all Ontarians with their recent election platform announcement. The NDP’s Fair Dental Access Plan would take care of people without dental coverage.
Disabled men complain about Sudbury Transit driver’s attitude

Disabled men complain about Sudbury Transit driver’s attitude

BY KENT CORNESS Two bus riders are speaking out against the perceived discrimination they received from a Sudbury bus driver after the city installed new electronic fare boxes.

Ontario will close coal plants by 2014

CP - Ontario has drafted a regulation to close its coal-fired plants by New Year's Eve 2014. Premier Dalton McGuinty promised last month that Ontario would be bound by law to close its coal plants by 2014 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CSCNO passes budget of $96,859,000

Up 3% from last year Le Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario (CSCNO) in Sudbury passed a balanced budget totalling slightly more than $96,859,000 for the 2007-2008 school year, said a news release.

Sudbury entrepreneur gets help with business

The Ontario government is supporting youth entrepreneurship by investing in the expansion of a Sudbury aesthetics business, said a news release.

Government increases funding to mentally challenged children

The Ontario government has made a five percent increase in base annual funding, more than $481,000, to mental health agencies in Sudbury.
Chelmsford couple win cool million

Chelmsford couple win cool million

Bruce and Jackie McArthur of Chelsmford won the Heart and Stroke Foundation's grand prize in their annual lottery. The cheque was awarded to the couple on Thursday, July 12 at 3:30 pm.

Future secured for Georgian Bay ferry service

Ontario's M/S Chi-Cheeman will continue to ply the waters of Georgian Bay for at least 25 years, said a news release. The ferry's new lease on life was thanks to a provincial investment of $9.