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Uninsured driver fined

A Sudbury man who caused an accident and then gave the person whose vehicle he hit a false name and address, was given a hefty fine and had his driver?s license suspended for one year Wednesday.

Hard time for beating senior

Two young thugs who played a lead role in the beating of a senior at an area truck stop in May have been given lengthy jail terms.

Bookkeeper back in court Thursday

A Sudbury bookkeeper who passed out in the middle of her sentencing hearing one month ago will return to court Thursday to await her fate.

Teen gets ?another chance?

A Sudbury teenager who stabbed his motherÂ?s boyfriend in the chest will have plenty of time to seek counseling for anger management and his alcohol abuse problems.

Wahnapitae man dies in accident

A car accident near Coniston resulted in the death of a Wahnapitae man yesterday. David Tweedle, 53, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver and passenger of the other car were taken to St.

Police need help locating missing man

Greater Sudbury Police Services are requesting the publicÂ?s assistance in locating a missing 48-year-old man. Dennis Brettschneider was last seen on Sunday, Aug. 4, leaving his residence for Bell Park.

Pills, pot and paraphernalia found during drug busts

By Rick Pusiak August started with a drug bust in the Flour Mill section of Sudbury.

Back in jail

Former Olympic boxer Phil Boudreault has once again used his hands outside of the boxing ring and again he will be losing his freedom because of it.

Cellphone call to police ends in arrests

Greater Sudbury Police say an incident in the city last week serves as a reminder about how helpful cellphones are in reporting crime. A concerned motorist used a cellphone to alert police to an erratic driver in the Ontario Street area.

Pre-sentencing report ordered for aggressive teenager

A pre-sentence report has been ordered, before a young Sudbury man who uncharacteristically engaged in violent behaviour against police and strangers is sentenced.